Aug 19, 2017
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10 Most Expensive Cars in 2016

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A cut-throat competition among the automakers has culminated in production of ultra-luxurious, super-fast and highly efficient cars that create in impression on the road. These cars give the user sheer driving pleasure owing to their superior features and smooth ride. Since such vehicles come with high specs, they are expensive too. Now, you might be curious to know about the things that go into the making of an excellent car and that make it expensive as well.

A car’s price is determined in accordance with its built-up, performance, drivability, reliability and the list goes on. Auto lovers don’t back down to pay a hefty sum for buying the car of their dreams. Likewise, manufacturers are very keen to assemble the finest cars and take the lead over one another in the market. To break your suspense, we have come up with 10 most expensive cars in 2016. This infographic will throw light on the cars’ prices and their specs.

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